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Month: July 2017

Dear Spammers

Thank you all so much for the interest that you have taken in my blog.  I am not seeking anyone to help me monetise this blog. I am not looking […]


A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in. Achieved – Jack came home […]

Whats in my bag

*Kmart Australia Facebook Page I recently did a what’s in my bag, I have since packed them away without getting photos. Jack has been home this weekend so we can […]

Say your name

Say your name | Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would […]

Menu Plan

I am currently doing Project 14 3.0 One of the things that Leeanne has mentioned is creating a Menu Plan.  I used to do this all of the time. Angel and […]

26 things

Twenty six things about me: Age: 44 Biggest fear: Losing more family members. Current Time: 7:37pm Drink you had last: Cold coffee Everyday starts with: Hot Coffee (unless it takes […]

Beauty / Fashion / Style Part 2

this is a follow on from my Beauty / Fashion / Style post Personally the thing i struggle with the most is my weight and i have written about my struggle […]

Lets Get Social

This isn’t something i would normally do but i am going to open up my Facebook account to accept friend requests. So if you wish to become friends with me […]

23 Random facts

  1. Do you make your bed every day? * No 2. What was your first car? * A CRV, but i never drove it, as i don’t have a […]

Goodbye My Friend

To our sweet baby girl Mae, It is with great sadness that we say farewell to you. I will miss you snuggling next to me on the lounge, and getting […]

5 things Friday

Pip from Meet me at Mikes is doing this cool thing where you post 5 things about this week. Here has what has happened this week. It’s the school holidays […]

Couple quiz

Who’s older? I am a week older, but he says he is older because he was conceived first and i was born early. Who was interested first? Same Time Same high […]


What do you do to pamper yourself? Things that I do / need to do for myself.  Breathing exercises: My apple watch and Fitbit both have breathing exercises on them. There […]


Blog about a bygone era. Discuss your favourite era. Create a vintage inspired outfit. List your favourite cartoons as a kid. Share a vivid memory. Interpret widely. For a long […]

Special Talents

Tell us what secret or not-so-secret talents you might have. I can’t think of any special talents that I may have. Maybe thinking of Jack and him counting me, but […]

Food Glorious Food

Something so many of us share in common. Share a great recipe. discuss what food means to you. Or maybe you have a Pinterest board full of inspiration to share. […]

Passion Projects

What are your passion projects? They could be a hobby or keen interest. Or maybe a new business idea? Perhaps an upcoming blogging style project. What gets you excited in […]


Write a wishlist on anything or everything you can think of. It could be a bucket list, shopping list, or even a discussion on wishlists mean to you. With the […]

Top tips

Everyone has an expertise or something they are super knowledgeable about. I would say the thing i am most passionate about is Memory Keeping. The photo above is the expedite […]

Beauty / Fashion / Style

Today’s post is about anything related to the world of beauty, fashion or style. You could talk about your skincare routine, your favourite products, your style guides, or your favourite […]

Hello Weekend!

Hello weekend! Inspired by Blog post.. 1. Seeing Jack came home last night, and angels away for a couple of days, so we took a drive to Cradle Mountain […]


Write about something topical. – Social Media –   We all see it day in and day out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more someone does something simple and the […]

News & Stuff

Just a quick update. I have been very lax with updates this week i feel. I had posts planned that i havent written yet. But its mostly lack of motivation […]

Stop! Collaborate!

Extra challenge to the challenge – find somebody to collaborate on your blog. It could be a shared post, video, discussion or simply a joint photoshoot. I had forgotten all […]

Blogging Journey

Share your blogging journey – why did you start? What do you find challenging? What works well for you? What do you plan for the future? This little space i […]


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