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Fitness: A new Month


It has been a while since I worked on looking after me.

I sign up for various programs, I buy the books from the program that i am doing, I use the meal plans (including paying for Voome for the past couple of months) and eat the food, but i don’t workout. In fact i can’t even remember when i last did one it has been that long.

I decided not to sign up for another month of TiffXO, As much as i love the program, and the programs that i have done previously, because after a few months I just didn’t do anything. In June I hardly even went to the Website and wasn’t even making the food.

Last week was a particularly difficult one.

Missing Jack (a lot!!!), not having him here to do things that i am not able to do. Not having that support network, yes we talk on Messenger and a couple of times a week on the phone. but it’s hard not having someone to bounce ideas and thoughts off to face to face. Someone to vent to. You know the weeks when your partner is away and everything goes wrong. Well that was last week.

Arguing constantly with Angel about her not wanting to do anything. (yes she is helping but argues each thing i ask her and it is to be honest quite frustrating)

What prompted this?

Before going to bed last night I hopped on the scales that are sitting in the lounge room that Angel has been using to weigh the puppy. I weighed in at 105kgs. Now I know that this isn’t reliable because Last weigh in a few weeks ago i was about 94kgs. I was wearing heavy clothes. It was late at night. I had eaten dinner. It was also done on a carpeted floor. I usually weigh in the bathroom in the morning.

It was certainly a wake up call to see that triple digit number on the scale. I didn’t go to sleep thinking about the weight at all, but i did wake up with a new mindset and that was to start taking care of myself.

I got up this morning downloaded Evernote and started jotting down things for this month. Like the Reasons why i want to get healthy. What i need to do to get healthy. Goals for this month, Stats (can you believe that i was actively taking notes and stats for months and then for some reason around February i just stopped, even brought a special planner for it).

My aim for today was JFDI*|

  1. Do a TiffXO Workout ✔
  2. Start 30 days of Yoga (Have done 1/2 of today’s). ✔
  3. Don’t eat junk (ok failed as i finished a packet of Burger Rings off)
  4. Eat Fruit ✔
  5. Drink water (Started) ✔
  6. Do a Meditation

I had before losing the June TiffXO videos from last month downloaded them to the Mac. I sorted those out. Last night i came across The 30 Days of Yoga via the TiffXO FB Page. So i signed up for it. Went into my room this morning after Angel had left for school, put on my 28(+) by sam wood shirt (first time in about 6 months). Laid a blanket down on the lounge room floor. Lit some candle melts & incense. My NSV is that i have taken some time out to concentrate on getting healthy, fitter. I have been drinking water,

Jack is now living in Melbourne, so to make things a little easier on myself i brought a months worth of frozen meals instead of having to worry about cooking / wasting food. This way they are portion controlled and i am actually eating something healthier that the junk i have previously been eating. I must have been good, the Michael Kors Tracker i ordered arrived in the mail, and it fits..

*JFDI = Just F***ing do it! (Michelle Bridges 12WBT)
+ Progress Not Perfection (28 By Sam Wood)
Non-scale Victory = TiffXO


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