Healthy Living

Food, exercise, mindfulness, spiritual practices – anything that contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

I have written a lot in past posts about my weight-loss, or these days lack-there-of loss, With so many changes happening this year, my losing weight has taken a back seat to me just wanting to eat to take away life’s stresses. Now that we are over half way through the year i thought it was time for a little update.

| Food | 

  • Whilst not eating Junk food like take aways (when Jack’s home i still do)
  • I have been eating chips and lollies which is not ideal.
  • I have tried to follow the TiffXO meal plan but i have been so slack with it.
  • If i bother to eat at all, the food is usually something bland and not all that appetising.

| Exercise | 

  • Such a dirty word. LOL its been way too many months since i did a workout.
  • I did Sign up for most months of this year & also Voome (Part of the Michelle Bridges 12wbt programme). I didn’t Follow the Plans that i pay / signed up for.
  • I didn’t Lose weight (have hovered around the 93-96 mark for a few months now) which is the heaviest that i have been.
  • I did get a Vibration Machine. I didn’t Use vibration machine. I got the vibration machine in the hopes that it would be helpful, its a great machine i just don’t use it.

| Mindfulness | 

  • When I was actually practicing Mindfulness & Breathing exercises it was working and i found it really helpful. Life as it tends to do got in the way and i stopped. When i can’t sleep / jacks not home i do still use sleep meditations if i can’t sleep.
  • I did start meditating (more on that below) & doing breathing exercises

| Spiritual practices |

  • Many years ago i would do a lot of this, but since becoming a mother and life happening i don’t do it so much. I will say little spells / poems to my self but even then thats come to a halt.
  • I did Start journalling. I didn’t continue Journalling

| Sleep / Water|

  • I don’t Get much sleep. (partly due to Jack moving to melbourne, partly to upping my coffee intake). I did Start to go to bed at 1opm then i stopped that and started to stay up later and later
  • I did Get a 2.2L Drink Bottle so i could remind myself to drink more water. for the first few weeks with the drink bottle i was fine, and then not so much to the point i wasn’t drinking water at all.

| Books, Trackers, Devices|

  • I did Buy Sam Wood’s 28 Book. I did Get a smoothie book for mothers day and have yet to make anything from it.
  • I did Get a new Fitbit this year (and i dumbed it down to 1000 steps a day).
  • I did get new batteries for the Bellabeat, then it stopped working and then it started again.
  • I did stop taking my phones into the bedroom at night and then started taking my devices back into the bedroom at night to charge them.

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Hey There, I’m Nic. I am a "Home Executive Blogger" who blogs too much and takes too many photos. I am a collector of memories, moments and relish in the snippets and slices of everyday life, I like to call myself an Everyday Life Photo Journalist. I live with my beloved husband, daughter, we live near the sea in Tasmania with our many pets. I love home decorating, meaning i spend way too much at Kmart.

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