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What i am Loving : Kmart Style


The furniture from Kmart at the moment is fantastic, and these Skandi Tables and Bookshelf are brilliant. I would love a couple of each.

Now i know i probably don’t need any more tables or ottomans, but i love the look of these.  There are stairs at the rental we are looking at and these would look so sweet in the corner with a throw rug and a couple of cushions..


Next into the kitchen.
Fruit bowls, Trays, Bowls & Cake stands.
I love decorating with these as they can have so many uses.
The current house we are in has a trivet built into the bench so i haven’t had to buy any, but love the look of these.
More plastic containers for the fridge, and a new Mortar & Pestle.





The rental we are looking at has an Island Bench. We haven’t had one of those in years. When we looked at building these where high on my want list.

Addicted to cook books. I love cookbooks, like love them. and one day this century i aim to gather together a complete set of them.

and a couple more. Love Julie’s Books and could always use another Thermomix one.


For a few years now we have been using the Jamie Oliver dinner set from Woolworths, over time though we have had some break so its no longer a full set, so i am looking at upgrading to something new. I have brought some of the 1.50 plates / bowls from Kmart already with some of the accessories. But would like to add to it once we are settled. I love the look of the glazed sets, but when i went to get some they where sold out. 

We also have a Jamie Oliver Cutlery set. But love these for a pop of colour

I love the look of Linen table cloths and have picked these up and put them back a few times.






Vases. I have way to many of. But still buy more.







Now for the pantry. I have the round black ones and the small square black ones in our pantry and they are great for keeping cans and packets in. But could always use more. I would also use these in a Walk in Robe.








I would use a few of these together in the study





Always trying to be more organised in the laundry, i have the larger basket already, but need to get the smaller ones and the Clothes basket.
We have small white bedside tables that we got from Kmart, and i love them, but i am finding that i just can’t store anything. So one of these each would be great. Plus i brought several Jewellery Boxes from Catch (of the day) and have been storing them under my bedside table, at least this way they would be off the floor.



I see that Target also have these. Would love to grab one for the bathroom. I never have much luck in keeping Washing baskets in the Bathroom, Angel usually steals them for her room.







Some of these i already have, but since i am useless at keeping plants alive, any faux plants that add a little colour to the room look great.

Can’t you just see these filled with faux plants.

Anyone who knows me knows i love cushions, and my last lay-by was mostly that, but i can always use a few more.
and more, love these

I can always find the room for more, and have a few of these already


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