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Because we’re a nosy bunch who love the everyday and mundane. Show us what’s in your bag!


My wardrobe is choc full of handbags, purses, camera bags, craft bags & laptop bags. But I have a couple of bags that i switch between.

First there is the Black Caviar Bag i got from Chillie Homewares. I came with three smaller bags. From memory I think it was around $129.00. They are all available in different designs on I am very tempted to grab another couple of them, as i am really happy with the design.

I usually just switch out the same stuff between bags.

So what is in my Bag

The Black Caviar Bag came with three smaller bags inside of it, it’s actually one of my favourite parts of the bag.

  • The largest one I keep my Camera, Extra Lens, some spare SD cards, and camera accessories. I also keep any electrical items for my phone such as a charger / cord etc. My WiiFit Tracker
  • The next size down Is my girl pouch. So my asthma puffers are kept here (i usually have one in the side pocket as well). I general don’t wear makeup, but on occasion i will have lipstick, lip balm, a small make up mirror
  • The smallest one is my purse. Because this has a little handle with a hook that can be connected into the bag i find it hand to just grab and go without having to take the bag with everything else in it as well. So i have a little credit card case. A wooden comb. I keep my phones in here when we go out

The other bag was a birthday gift that was from the local shoe store. It’s a lot thinner in comparison to the Black Caviar one. It has a various pockets, but because my camera doesn’t fit to well i tend not to use it as much.

I also recently brought a Forever New Bag from Iconic. When it finally arrived, i realised that it’s way to big for me.

My dream bag is still a Michael Kors.



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