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Write about something topical.

– Social Media –  

We all see it day in and day out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more someone does something simple and the internet is offended by it in some way shape or form, even though it doesn’t affect their life or those around them in the slightest. Everyone feels like they have the right to condemn, dissect and judge a complete strangers life. No one is happy with someone else happiness.

How just about all news stories now feature some form of social media being mentioned or the photo being form Facebook / Twitter / instagram.

We are surrounded by social media, From the moment we wake up in the morning to the minute we close our eyes at night. We keep our phones next us, and we are constantly checking up on what everyone else is up too. Then there is the “Keeping up with the Jone’s” factor, of trying to outdo other peoples lives and having the best of everything. I personally have lost loved ones and close friends on Facebook. With each deletion there is a stab of pain that goes through me, like i am the one that has done something wrong, when in reality it is probably just that person needing some time out from all of the crap and clutter in front of us.

To take a social media break or not?

Have you?

Would you?

& How long for?

What have your experiences been with the various platforms?

Which do you prefer.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook, but i have to say instagram is a favourite because there is less interaction.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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