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#52 Stories / What are all the different modes of transport you’ve used?

What are all the different modes of transport you’ve used?

  • Of course we travel everywhere by car.
  • Jack is a Train Driver, But i have travelled via train across Australia. 
  • Busses of course when i was much younger and living on my own, and a double decker bus in hobart.
  • One of the things i love about Melbourne is the Trams. So iconic.
  • We own a boat, so have been out on that.
  • But we have travelled to New Zealand, Around Australia and also Indonesia via cruise Ship.
  • We had to use the little boats to get across to the islands in Indonesia.
  • The manly Ferry and also the Ferry used to get across to Rottnest island
  • A Yacht in Hobart that took us over the Sydney to Hobart finish line.
  • We went on the Cable car in New Zealand 
  • Bike. though not for a million years, as i fell off and crashed into a tree when i was young.

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