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Today’s post is about anything related to the world of beauty, fashion or style. You could talk about your skincare routine, your favourite products, your style guides, or your favourite style icon.

I am in no way a Fashionista. In-fact i am probably at the dowdy, yoga pants and sweatshirt end if the fashion scale. 

My Mum used to say to My Sister and I, look after your skin, I’m now 44 years old, you would think that this is something that i would have the hang of now but nope.

I don’t wear make up. 

I don’t have a skincare routine.

If I remember to put moisturiser on then I consider than a win. But remembering to do it is few and far between. Right now my face feels and looks like a moon crater, after having a major pimple breakout.

I recently brought  Micellar water, and tried it a couple of times and quite like it. So need to use it on a more regular basis. 

I do my nails probably once a month, and at the moment they are all stumps as the last long nail I had broke, I love them when they are long and painted up. 

I have just under shoulder length hair that most of the time is in a bun or tied up in a pony-tail as when it is down it normally resembles a shaggy dog. When I do wash, brush it and take care of it i love wearing it down. 

I try to drink a 600ml bottle of water a day, i know 2ltrs is the recommended, but as someone who struggles to drink water it’s better than none at all. Coffee is my addiction, with a wine or cider ever 8 weeks or so. 

Photo is an old one..

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