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Passion Projects

What are your passion projects? They could be a hobby or keen interest. Or maybe a new business idea? Perhaps an upcoming blogging style project. What gets you excited in the morning?

If you have been a regular reader here you will know i am very passionate about

  1. Coffee: I need coffee to function. I’m a pretty much one of those attaché drip to my arm and feed it through to my veins. 
  2. Photography: I go through phases when i take so many photos that i can’t keep up, i at the opposite end of the scale at the moment in that i am barely taking any.  
  3. Family History: I have always had an interest in researching our families history, its only in the last few years, more so since my parents passed away that i have taken a more active interest in it.  
  4. Crafting – I haven’t been doing much crafting lately, not sure why. Before Jack left i brought a stack of stuff, haven’t used any of it. 
  5. Travel – This is something that in the future i hope to do more of. I am so looking forward to re-exploring my home city of Melbourne. 
  6. Good Food – I would love to sit and share some coffee and cake with you one day. 
  7. Blogging – I have been blogging for 12+ years now, and even though i forever feel behind, it has been great to get things out of my head. 
  8. Offspring – I was thrilled when they brought this back, but even more so when it came back for a 7th year. i will always Miss Patrick though. 
  9. Home decorating – I love to decorate, i love to create little nooks. Little spots around the house that bring me joy to look at. 
  10. Most of all my family – Jack & Angel are my world. I wowouldnt be who i am its it wasn’t for them. love them with all of my heart. 

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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