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What do you do to pamper yourself?

Things that I do / need to do for myself. 

  1. Breathing exercises: My apple watch and Fitbit both have breathing exercises on them. There are also heaps of apps out now that you can find.
  2. Candles & Oils: These also help with a little pampering.
  3. Coffee: When Jack is Home we try and have at least one coffee date together. I so look forward to these little dates at our local coffee shop. 
  4. Fresh Flowers: I love flowers around the house, doesn’t help with my allergies, but they are so pretty.
  5. Going to bed early: I am a real night owl and struggle with this.
  6. Journalling: For a while i was doing this and for some reason i stopped.
  7. Listen to music: Much like meditation this can be very helpful when not being able to sleep. Or just sitting alone when nothing is on TV chuck on some YouTube and create a playlist of your favourite songs.
  8. Long Bath: Something the that i have to do after everyone has gone to bed, or it’s constant interruptions, even by the pets. there is no peace at all.
  9. Meditation: Mostly when i can’t sleep / Now Jack’s not here more often than not.
  10. Read: I have a couple of really good Meditation books.
  11. Self Care: I struggle with “Self Care”, I am a look after everyone else and forget about looking after me kind of person. Since i have had Wunderlist i have been doing a weekly self care Ritual – Taking care of me (See below)
  12. Talking to a friend: I know this probably doesn’t feel like something that you would think is pampering, but being able to talk to another person is very therapeutic.
  13. Walking: This is something that i need to do more. I am so looking forward to moving into the new house. 
  14. WorkingOut: Tiffxo / 28 / MB12WBT. Your Workout of choice
  15. Yoga: Though this is not something that i always do because of my bad back i have found that this is great for relaxation.

SELF Care Day Friday’s

Brush Hair: 

My hair is awful at the moment, it just feels like straw and has so many knots.

Do Nails: 

Usually my nails are quite long, but they seem to be all breaking.


This is something i have really been struggling with recently), and i have noticed since i stopped drinking water my face has broken out in pimples and a rash. So i need to make more of a conscious effort to drink more water.

(Long Shower) SHOWER /  WASH HAIR /  Shave / Brush teeth: 

Just getting time to do this, without interruption is pampering in itself.

Moisturise face: 

I have made a not to buy some moisturiser and put it on moving and night.

Pick an Outfit: 

Because i tend to just wear basic clothes, each day, there are some days where i just want to put on something nice but comfortable even if i am not going out.

Put on Jewellery: 

I normally wear my Love heart necklace, and a toe ring on each foot. Apple watch, FitBit and Michael Kors Tracker, but i don’t always wear my wedding rings or other Jewellery.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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