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23 Random facts


#52 stories-16
1. Do you make your bed every day?
* No

2. What was your first car?
* A CRV, but i never drove it, as i don’t have a licence and have never driven a car.

3. What two grocery items do you never run out of?
* Tea & Cacoa

4. At what age did you start doing your own laundry?
* 15 / 16. i get Jack or Angel to do it now

5. If you could, would you go back to high school?
* Probably not

6. Can you parallel park in under three moves?
* No (See Q2).

7. A job you had which people would be shocked to know about?
* I volunteered in an aged home. I was a cleaner & worked in an office in a hospital. I did work experience in a mining camp.

8. Do you think aliens are real?
* That depends. I do watch the X files, and believe that there is something else out there, wether that is an alien or other forces at play.

9. Can you drive a stick shift?
* (Again Q2)

10. Guilty TV Pleasure?
* Offspring or Spirited.

11. Do you prefer the company of Cats or Dogs?
* I like both. I have both.

12. If the world ends do you want to be one of the survivors?
* Probably not, i would miss the people i love too much and would morn for them.

13. Sweet or Salty?
* Both

14. Do you enjoy soaking in a nice bath?

15. Do you consider yourself a strong person?
* Some days yes, other days no.

16. Something people do that drives you crazy?
* Being people! i can’t deal with people these days.

17. Do you have any birthmarks?
* No. but i do have a scar from when i was 8 months old and had a heart operation.

18. Favourite childhood game?
* Drawing houses.

19. Do you talk to yourself?
* All the time, i am the only one who listens to me.

20. Do you like doing jig-saw puzzles?
* I used to, don’t have the patience these days.

21. Would you go on a reality TV show?

22. Tea or coffee?
* Coffee would be my first choice, but i know when i am not well i go off it and drink tea.

23. First thing you remember wanting to be when you grew up?
* A vet or an architect

– As found on Facebppk

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