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26 things

Twenty six things about me:

Age: 44

Biggest fear: Losing more family members.

Current Time: 7:37pm

Drink you had last: Cold coffee

Everyday starts with: Hot Coffee (unless it takes me forever to drink it)

Favourite song right now: I know they are old songs but loving the music from Heart of Dixie (I know its an old show but its my first time watching it).

Ghosts, are they real?: Yes i suppose they are, the mind can play lots of tricks on us.

Hometown: Melbourne, and i get to move back soon.

Love someone?: Yes, Jack is the love of my life.

Jealous Of: All of the lovely neat homes people online have. Mine always looks trashed.

Killed someone: No

Last time I cried: Monday when Jack left.

Middle Name: M.

Number of siblings: 6

One wish: To be with Jack.

Person you last called: Jack via Facebook, by accident

Question you are always asked: Are you going to have another child (we have 1), Are you pregnant (Because of my weight), Why are you so fat? (Because i don’t workout and eat too much junk)

Reason to smile: That i live. 

Song last sang: not sure. 

Time you woke up: around 8am

T shirt colour: Grey

Vacation destination: Well living in Tasmania i would say Melbourne, but i am moving there so not sure where we will holiday maybe Sydney. 

Worst habit: Not working out / not drinking enough water. 

X-rays you had: Arm, wrist, heart, back

Your fav food: Popcorn. Pizza.

Zodiac sign: Aries 

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