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Beauty / Fashion / Style Part 2

this is a follow on from my Beauty / Fashion / Style post

Personally the thing i struggle with the most is my weight and i have written about my struggle to lose it many times. I have been on a “Diet or weightloss journey / rollercoaster for over ten years”. I am now at my heaviest point. I seem to be dieting but instead of my weight going down it goes up. I feel i have over the years put a lot of stress on myself to lose the weight.

I had Angel clean the fridge out yesterday and i looked in it this morning to find that we have barely any vegetables and i haven’t really been making a conscious effort to eat them. I think i am in a state of limbo at the moment waiting to find a rental and waiting to get packed up here and to move. For the past few months i haven’t really focused on it, i have just gone back to eating easy to cook meals that are convenient (lots of curries and easy roasts). 

My mind-set at the moment is all focused on i will do it after the move. Fortunately we now have a rental more on that in another post. But it has stairs, so i will get some exercise walking up and down them. We also want to set a home gym up in the garage, that we can all use. So aiming to get myself more organised. 

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