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Menu Plan

I am currently doing Project 14 3.0 One of the things that Leeanne has mentioned is creating a Menu Plan. 

I used to do this all of the time. Angel and i sat down and did a menu plan up a few days ago, i have adjusted it and added more meals to it as once we got started we kept coming up with more. 

Each number represents the date of the month

Go to Meals 

  1. Steak & Chips with salad (On chopping board with baskets).
  2. Apricot Chicken (This is one of Jacks favourites and something that he always requests for birthdays). 
  3. Cottage Pie (Homemade or Brought). 
  4. Choose a Tiffxo Meal. Will chose a random one at time of making my weekly plan.  
  5. Quiche. An easy go to meal. Can have with vegetables or salad. 
  6. Nachos / Tacos (Mexican night). we have done this a few times. 
  7. Have a meatless meal / Vegetarian. Jack has some favourites and i have discovered new ones via the different programmes that i have been on.  
  8. Wraps (any meat / leftovers / from a frozen meal)
  9. Hell Yeah Pasta / Chicken and Broccoli Penne (Cruise Book) This is Angels Favourite. 
  10. Party Food Night – Pizza, Garlic Bread and IceCream / Sausage Rolls / Party Pies / Pastizzies / Hotdogs / Meat Pies (can be tied in with movie night)
  11. Mongolian Beef
  12. Curried Chicken 
  13. Choose a Jamie Oliver meal 
  14. Chicken Kiev / Schnitzel / parmigiana
  15. Rogan Josh
  16. Spaghetti Bolognese
  17. Bacon & Egg Pie
  18. Sweet & Sour Chicken or pork 
  19. Slow cooked Corned Beef in Ginger beer
  20. Lasagne
  21. Fake A-Way Meal (Chinese / Indian / Asian) (Packet mix) or Takeout 
  22. Lemon Chicken 
  23. Chose a Michelle Bridges Meal 
  24. Chilli Con Carne 
  25. Stir fry 
  26. Warm Lamb, Pumpkin & pomegranate salad with mint yogurt dressing (Page 69 Recipe for Success Michelle Bridges 12WBT Cookbook)
  27. Home made pie
  28. Choose a meal from 28 by Sam wood
  29. Pies (make your own night) (Use left overs) (Use a frozen meal) 
  30. Mac & Cheese
  31. Butter Chicken (Basic / Ready made / Thermomix / Skinnymixers / Quirky)

Month 2 (or swaps)

  1. Lamb Shanks 
  2. Slow Cooked Beef with Pesto Sauce 
  3. Bbq Ribs 
  4. Pumpkin Soup 
  5. Roast Pork
  6. Egg Slice
  7. Duck or turkey 
  8. Honey Chicken 
  9. Chicken Noodle Soup
  10. Tiff XO Meal 
  11. Krispy fried chicken 
  12. Roast Beef
  13. Peanut satay 
  14. Turkey or Pork
  15. Mustard chicken 
  16. Lamb Cutlets 
  17. Michelle Bridges meal 
  18. Toasties 
  19. Roast Lamb
  20. Corn & Pea soup 
  21. Fish for Jack & Angel  / Chicken 
  22. Cannelloni 
  23. Steak and potatoes 
  24. Jamie Oliver Meal 
  25. Hamburgers
  26. Roast Chicken 
  27. Sausage Hotpot
  28. 28 by sam wood
  29. Pick a meal from ™5
  30. Steak onion chicken Gravy 
  31. Beef kofta curry


  1. Fritters
  2. Pancakes
  3. Musli
  4. Cereal
  5. Scrambled Eggs
  6. Bubble & Squeak
  7. Bacon & Eggs
  8. Bruschetta
  9. Croissants
  10. Crumpets
  11. Nic’s Queen Crowns (Eggs in a croissant)
  12. Toad in the hole
  13. French Toast 
  14. Porridge 


  1. Wraps
  2. Soups
  3. Salads
  4. Mini pies
  5. Left overs
  6. Cheese toasties
  7. Curried eggs

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