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#52 Stories / What are the most memorable and treasured gifts you have received in your life?

What are the most memorable and treasured gifts you have received in your life?

As we commence sorting and cleaning the house up for the move i am coming across many treasures.

  1. The coin Jack and I had made at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat in 2000 a month before we got married. (it has our names and wedding date on it). I really need to put this with our wedding photo.
  2. My Great Grandmothers Children’s Bible. Jack also has his 1870? Family Bible.
  3. Of course our many Photos, Photo Albums, Scrapbooks, and Special Books.
  4. Jewellery that i have been given from family & Jack. My Watch from my 21st. This actually went missing when we where still living in Western Australia, and we where sorting out the house we built and came across it in an old Gym Bag. It has now safely been put with the rest of my Jewellery and it will remain with it. After the move when i am re-organising i think i will organise them properly.
  5. My Mum’s Dinner Set. She collected Royal Dolton Old English Roses. Over the years i had brough her several pieces and My sister and I brought her a Faux set, that she used for being family dinners. I inherited them before she passed away, and we used them ourselves for a few years. I packed them all up into a big plastic box and stuck them at the bottom of our wardrobe. They have stayed there since. It’s unlikely that i will use them again.
  6. Porcelain Dolls – probably 1997 i brought two Porcelain Dolls. 1 is Scarlet O’hara in the red dress, the other is Marilyn Monroe.
  7. Paintings – My friend and I used to go to the Subiaco Markets and there where always these two pictures there, i would always walk passed them and admire them, and i said one day i will buy them. Well when Jack and I sold our house in 2004, He brought them for me. They currently sit on the floor in our room.. I can’t put them on the wall in the new place. they are really heavy, so think i will put them behind the bedside tables.
  8. Tiles – Two witches. That Jack brought for me years ago.
  9. Butterfly plate – I few years ago now i brought myself a Zandra Rhoads Royal Dolton Butterfly Plate. It still sits in its box. I have a lot of treasures in boxes it seems
  10. Indian Plates  – These are also wrapped up and packed away.

Once we have moved i will put all of these pieces in one box instead of in random places.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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