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Whats in my bag


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I recently did a what’s in my bag, I have since packed them away without getting photos. Jack has been home this weekend so we can pack the house up for our move to Melbourne, Now we have found a house, We ducked into Kmart and whilst i was looking around found this bag. I was intending to buy a leather look tote bag (like the one pictured above). But when i saw this one i knew it would work so much better.


Miso Tote Bag – Kmart $20.00

I am always on the lookout for a bag that actually works. This surprisingly has had some thought put into it when it was designed.

It also has longer strap so can be worn over the shoulder or cross body.

It has 5 pockets / spaces all up. I have used them as follows.

1. Pocket at the front

  • I currently have the house keys in here.

* NB*  a small phone would fit, but my iPhone / Oppo don’t). It may fit a very small purse.

2. A large open space that zips up.

  • Olympus Camera
  • Spare lens
  • Small flash in pouch. (will look for a Pouch to put camera gear in so it’s not loose)
  • 2 packets of Nurophen tablets (brought yesterday so i know where to find them whilst things get packed).
  • Nivea Day Cream tub (brought yesterday)
  • Bottle of Rosehip Mist Toner (again brought yesterday)

* NB* Mumsy & Bubs Planner fits (but isn’t in here). My Leanne Baker Daily Planner would also fit.

3. Mobile pocket

  • That actually fits not only a iPhone 6+
  • but also an oppo phone next to it.

4. Zipped pocket

  • Chapstick total hydration stick which is balm and lipstick in one
  • Veoeu Eye Serum stick
  • Jus Perfume stick
  • Mini Coldsore cream

5. At the back – larger zipped pocket

The wristlet and cases lay quite flat so fits in well.

WRISTLET PURSE: (this is from my Black Caviar bag set)

  • Card holder,
  • Money,
  • Wedding rings

MINI Pencil case from Kmart $3

  • Sunglasses

Mini Pencil case from Kmart $3

  • Camera Lens covers,
  • wii fit tracker,
  • 2 rose gold pens,
  • Tampon,
  • Asthma puffer,
  • Apple ear buds in small case,
  • Oppo earphones

* NB* It fit’s an iPad into it. (mine is an old iPad 2 so not sure about newer models). (mines not working so isn’t kept in here. A magazine would be perhaps to big.


It’s the perfect size for me. It doesn’t have “A dozen pockets” like i would prefer to seperate everything, But in by using and looking at handbags for many years it has a lot more than some i have seen. By using pencil cases and pouches that lay flat means that more can fit, without getting things lost. I don’t even have it filled up so it can fit a lot more in it than it has. The colour is a pastel / blush pink, which is so pretty. I also brought a snood to wear, which matches perfectly to it. It would suit any out fit from casual to dressed up. Would look lovely in a dressing room or sitting on a chair. Is grab and go: The handles don’t get in the way.


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