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Introduce Yourself

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi New Readers, and those that have been here a while.

So you came across a blog post of mine (comment below on which one it was)? and it’s left you wondering who i am.

  1. I have a full Bio and About Me / Us Pages in the links above. But a condensed version is.
  2. I am Nic. I am 44. I have been Married to my husband Jack since 2001. We have an almost 16yr old Daughter Angel. Angel & I are currently living in Tasmania, Jack is in Melbourne. We move there in a few weeks along with our Cat Ed & our 12 week old Labrador Bailey. We did have another cat Mae, but she got hit by a car and passed away a few weeks ago.
  3. I am a blogger (started this blog originally in 2005 under a different blog name).
  4. I am the family history keeper.
  5. The one most likely to be found behind the camera rather than in front of it, although its important for your family history for you to take an active part in getting your photo taken as well.
  6. I did work up until 2007 in the Health field, and have been a Stay at Home Mum (i like to call myself a Home Executive). I am the one forever making lists, and trying to co-ordinate our little household. Jack does an amazing job in getting things into place. Though things seemed to have calmed down somewhat since Jack has moved, and Angel has stopped most of her before / after school activities.
  7. I spend a lot of time organising my planners.
  8. I watch way too much Stan (Twin Peaks, The White Queen / Princess) & Netflix (The Gilmore Girls, House, Mad Men, The Ranch and so many more), and Free to air / catch up TV (Offspring, Winners & Losers, A place to call home, Dr Blake, Miss Fisher, Reba, The X Files).
  9. My hobby these days is drinking coffee. Lots of Coffee.
  10. Most of the music i listen to is older stuff. Jimmy Barnes, Cold Chisel, Adam Brand, mostly country.



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