What’s in your cup?

What’s in your cup?

My cup seems to be overflowing and running down the sides at the moment. Angel and I are still in Tasmania and Jack in Melbourne. He flies back and forth once or twice a month. The container has now arrived, and we got packing boxes last time he was home, so the packing albeit slowly has commenced. Each room currently has boxes of stuff in it. Even though we set up an area in the study / dining area to accomodate the boxes, they seemed since Jack left been put everywhere. There are piles of books, and mountains of stuff on every flat surface to the point where it is causing me much anxiety and stressful sleepless nights. I feel suffocated by the amount of things to be done. Jack is due to come back twice more i think, but if we can get everything sorted on his first trip back and then get all of us on the spirit before then that would be fantastic. Hopefully this time next month i will be writing to you from a new location. 


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