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A list of ten things that always cheers you up when you’re down.

A list of 10 things that always cheers you up when you’re down.

This week i have really been struggling. It’s not something that has been easy to admit. There has been anger, there has been tears, There has been too much sleep and not enough. Lack of appetite and wanting to eat every piece of junk food i can get my hands on (un/fortunately i didn’t have any)!
So i have been trying to put some strategies in place for myself to follow for when i am feeling like this.
  1. Go to bed at a reasonable time. I tend to want to stay up later and later, especially if I am binge watching a show. I try and go to bed around 11pm, as my alarm for Angel goes off between 6:30am – 7am. I would love to be able to get 8 hours sleep, but with a new puppy, a crazy cat that thinks waking me up at 3am is fun, and a teenager who won’t set her own alarms for school, it’s very rare and far between to even get 6 hours.
  2. A relaxing bath. I do this a couple of times a week to just re-engergise myself. A long shower also helps. Yes i take my phone with me, but i used to and should start taking a book.
  3. Meditation. I try and do a short (if i can’t sleep a longer one) meditation each day. even if it’s just sitting a for a few minutes in the quiet. 2 minute breathing exercises are also helpful. Do you have a go to app?. I have tried so many and can’t find one that i really enjoy. I am also thinking of trying Podcasts, can you recommend any?
  4. Getting off Social Media. This is need to do more of. I have taken a bit of a break today so i can work on my blog, turning off Facebook, with only select notifications coming through to my phone.
  5. A coffee. Now this probably isn’t recommended by those that advocate health & wellness. But i find for me this is my down time. A bottle of water or a pot of tea also works.
  6. A good book or Magazine. I am addicted to home magazines and have been buying the HomeLife ones when they come out each quarter, such a good read and the photos are stunning, my other regular magazine is Homes+, it’s real, relatable and attainable.
  7. A clean house. Now i have to laugh at this one, because currently my house is a sty. there are boxes everywhere and i am positive that this is the reason for my mood being the way it is.
  8. Your favourite Tv Shows. Losing myself in another world such as that of Kings and Queens on The White Queen / Princess, the quirky goings on in offspring etc.
  9. A trip to Kmart. Jack & Angel call this my happy place. Its been a few weeks since i last went, and i probably need a fix by now.
  10. “Why don’t you Just Dance”. Angel was away on the weekend, and i put on a YouTube play list and sat and listened to some of my favourite music. It was very therapeutic.

    For those suffering with depression and anxiety i urge you to contact a professional such as

Lifeline / Beyond Blue / Reach Out / The Black Dog Institute 


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