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The Breakout

Laying in bed procrastinating about getting up, Angel goes to the bathroom to find that the window is open and our cat is missing (i put him in there last night so i could get some sleep as he has been waking me up at 3am for the past week). So window open no cat…She looks around for him, doesn’t find him, comes back inside, closes front door, a minute later meow meow meow.. Open the front door and there he is. So keeping him with me now.

  1. He was in Because Our other cat got hit by a car and died.
  2. Window was open enough to let air in as there is no ventilation in the bathroom and we where getting mould. So now i either need to close window or figure out a way to stop him getting out, or not sleep properly for the next few weeks….
  3. I haven’t been sleeping because he thinks its ok to wake me up at 3am everyday.
  4. Maybe because he got out now he has gotten it out of his system?

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