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Set Me Up Sundays

I have mentioned previously that i am doing Project 14 3.0 with Leanne from Organising the four of us & Leanne Baker Daily. One of the tasks has been

Set Me Up Sunday.

Have just been sitting here drinking my sleep tea thinking about the coming week.

What’s the plan: Nic
I am going to divide the house up into sections. There is quite a few spots i cant reach so will have to leave those for Jack to do when he returns.
❏ Mon 14 – Pack Lounge, Dining, Study (this is where we are storing the boxes and it’s essentially one long room)
❏ Tue 15 – Pack Hallway
❏ Wed 16 – Pack Bathroom
❏ Thur 17 – Pack Kitchen
❏ Fri 18 – Pack Bedroom
❏ Sat 19 – Pack Angel’s Bedroom (I will get her to do this)
❏ Sun 20 – Pack Laundry

What’s the plan: Angel
❏ Mon 14 – Needles?. Could be Tuesday.
❏ Tue 15 – Take Libary books back to Libary’s
❏ Wed 16 – Breakfast Club. Take uniform to Gymnastics.
❏ Thur 17 – Breakfast Club
❏ Fri 18 – Breakfast Club. Youth Group
❏ Sat 19 – Walk / Bath Bailey
❏ Sun 20 –

❏ 14 Anniversary – Grandmother 2005

Goals for the week;
❏ Pack, yes this has to be done
❏ Go to bed at 10pm

Meal Plan / Groceries

Menu Plan
❏ 14 Aug | Pastizzies
❏ 15 Aug | Asian style chicken meatballs & hoiken noodles
❏ 16 Aug | Created With Jamie Crumbed Chicken Crunchy Garlic Fillets & corn cobs / potatoes
❏ 17 Aug | Beef burgers
❏ 18 Aug | Beef mince / ❏ pasta
❏ 19 Aug | Curried sausgages & onions
❏ 20 Aug | Spag bol / ❏ Spaghetti

❏ Uniforms; Angel does her own. / Take uniform to Gymnastics.

Self Care;
❏ i am also going to add this as well. I have been doing it on a Friday.

Time Out;
❏ I have had a tough week this week, and i am putting a lot of pressure on myself which isn’t necessary.

❏ Start of a new week.
❏ Counting down the days until i see Jack again and then we make the big move.
❏ Make a plan or 3 to actually get things done this week.

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