Hot or Not

Hot or not

What have I been buying lately that I have loved


  • All the pompoms | I am loving the bags that I got from strandbags, although I haven’t seen them yet.
  • Prints from Hustle Living. I am so looking forward to decorating with these. A couple of each room.
  • Bellhop bags

What I am loving

  • The new IKEA catalogue: Oh my goodness, so many pretty things. Now we are in a larger house we will need a new lounge and a couple of chairs. My favourite chair is the Wing chair and I see it’s been reduced in price this year yay!!!, also love the lounge with chaise, we have a two seater in this style, and its great. covers come off so easy to wash, so thinking this one in a darker fabric and get a matching cover for our existing lounge. Other lounge is quite quirky.  Jack went to Ikea the other day and he took a photo of this Plant stand ladder, I instantly fell in love with it and would have no hesitation in buying a few of them for the bathrooms for extra storage (i will do a  bathroom post soon).
  • Pretty much everything at Kmart.


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