Share a story, tell us what adventure means to you, interpret creatively.

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A little over 5 years ago, a few months after my Mum passed away, Jack and I were watching tv and they were talking about mining jobs in other states so he decides to Google it.

<— Adventure —>

He ended up going for a job in Tasmania. A few months after that he got that job. On the 1st September 2012, we moved here. We have had many adventures whilst living here, and it has been amazing to have those experiences.

<— Adventure —>

A few months he was told about another job, this time in Victoria, he went for it and he got it. He has since moved over and has been having his own mini adventures. Almost to the day Angel and I will be also moving over to join him and start our own adventures together as a family.

<— Adventure —>

Now I was born in Melbourne and it has always remained and has a special place in my heart. So I am looking forward to the adventures that we are going to have, the new memories we are going to create.

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