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100 things to do in 2017- Update

I wrote this at the beginning of the Year after getting the Leonie Dawson Workbook. Here is a bit of an update 30th August 2017

100 things to do in 2017


  1. De-clutter. (ongoing/moving so managing to get rid of a lot)
  2. Drink more water. (Bought a The Big Bottle co water bottle)
  3. Get a Fitbit. (got, then gave it to angel, and got a Michael Kors Rede Tracker instead)
  4. Buy Jack’s my life story book.
  5. Go to the beach.
  6. Get a pandora bracelet.
  7. Cradle Mountain.
  8. watch the sunset.
  9. Kiss Jack more.
  10. Dream.
  11. Walk Ali. (we no longer have Ali, we now have Bailey)
  12. Let Angel cook dinner.
  13. Journal.
  14. Cuddle ed.
  15. Paint my nails
  16. Go outside.
  17. Re-watch all of Twin Peaks.
  18. Go to relequaire.
  19. Tell Angel I love her.
  20. Think good thoughts.
  21. Hustle with heart.
  22. Close ANZ bank.
  23. Get a pug. (We got a Labrador)

In Process of doing

  1. Get a new bed. (hopefully before the end of September)
  2. Move house. (At this very moment packing)
  3. Go to Melbourne. (Moving to)
  4. Meditate more.
  5. Breath.
  6. Read Jimmy book. (Taking it with me to read)
  7. Pay off my debt.
  8. Go to the movies.
  9. Go on the spirit.

Not achieved

  1. Work on the family history. (stopped for now)
  2. Walk more. (Not so much)
  3. Go swimming. (No)
  4. Less time on the phone. (hahaha)
  5. Tattoo.
  6. Have a family games night.
  7. Get my hair done.
  8. Go on a picnic.
  9. See the Myer Xmas display. (moving to Melbourne so is a huge chance)
  10. Grow a herb garden.
  11. Create something
  12. Create a family art work.
  13. Go on a photo walk.
  14. Family movie night.
  15. Go to the book fair.
  16. SLEEP…
  17. Weekend away.
  18. Lose 5kgs.
  19. Lose 10kgs.
  20. Go to the zoo.
  21. Unplug.
  22. Go on a cruise.
  23. Go to the show.
  24. Dance in the rain.
  25. Get an outdoor chess set.
  26. Make a rainbow cake.
  27. Write more letters.
  28. Concert.
  29. Melbourne cup.
  30. More date nights.
  31. Print photos.
  32. Learn to drive.
  33. Make more art.
  34. Be here now
  35. Read a book.
  36. Get professional family photos done.
  37. Make your own pizza.
  38. Work on a family recipe book.
  39. Take photos of a waterfall.
  40. Organise my craft area.
  41. Create a reading nook.
  42. Watch the fireworks.
  43. Buy yourself flowers.
  44. Travel somewhere new.
  45. Paint something.
  46. Make ice cream.
  47. Do a color run.
  48. Wear a swimsuit again.
  49. Raspberry farm.
  50. Have a stay-cation.
  51. Go to a local fruit farm.
  52. Learn interior design.

No Chance of Achieving

Being that these all involve traveling to somewhere or doing something in Tasmania and that we are moving or they have already happened.

  1. Do the cataract gorge cruise.
  2. 9-5 theatre show.
  3. See wicked again. (it maybe on again in Melbourne)
  4. Dark Mofo.
  5. Platypus/seahorse world.
  6. Moscow circus
  7. Mona.
  8. Dome Cafe.
  9. Wings wildlife park.
  10. Tulip festival.
  11. See aurora australis.
  12. Visit a lavender farm.
  13. Stay at Grindelwald.
  14. Play at penny royal.
  15. Build a house. (We had planned to and then Jack got a Job in Melbourne)

Most importantly regardless of if I manage to do the above things is to Live happily ever after.

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