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Getting Organised

Well, what has felt like a year but has only been just over two weeks I am back online. Firstly no internet access, then we had to find the cord for the Mac that didn’t get put into the box when the Mac was packed. 

The trip across on the Spirit of Tasmania was ok, Angel saw a movie whilst jack and I looked around the ship (So small compared to the cruises that we have been on, but another thing that’s been ticked off of my bucket list) and then sat down and watched one of the musicians. 

We have been here 16 days now and loving it. It took a week to pack the sea container, and three to unpack it straight into the garage here. We are slowly unpacking boxes and packing boxes backup of things that we don’t think we will use as there is storage but a lot less than what we had before. 


The house is HUGE, it is a 3 x 3+powder Room, 2 living rooms, Courtyard, front/backyards townhouse. The stairs are a workout.  LOL… but I am getting more steps (walking ones) up so all good. 

Jack has been busy at work, so no exploring has been done yet (apart from a quick Uber trip to the local shops), and the few days he has been home, we have been unpacking. 

Because we couldn’t fit out Mattresses in the sea container we have had to buy new ones, so Angels set up using our bed (was originally my Mums), and we will be ordering a new one for us in the next two weeks (something along the lines of what I have previously written about in the Bedroom Makeover post). 

The house is currently a disaster but I have been setting things up as I  unpack. 


We thought we had struck gold as Jack measured the large fridge and it was a centimetre smaller than the opening, we got it all the way in here to find that the skirting board put it out by two centimeters so we are having to use the smaller fridge (thank goodness we didn’t get rid of it).We have put the plastic containers I bought earlier in the year to separate foods, and have a dinner one that I take out all of the ingredients needed for dinner in the morning and have it on the bench ready to make. This has been working well. 

We have put the plastic containers I bought earlier in the year to separate foods, and have a dinner one that I take out all of the ingredients needed for dinner in the morning and have it on the bench ready to make. (Though I do have a tray that I am thinking of using instead that can stay at the end of the bench) This has been working well. 

We currently have keys and things near the Dinner box on the bench but thinking that needs a better solution.

The pantry is a lot smaller than I had envisioned so I am using it for food (Large Jars, Kmart Containers. I need to go to Ikea to get some new containers for the top shelf).

The Electrical items that I cant fit anywhere are now under the sink.

We have to get a dishwasher, as there is a connection for it.

i managed to fit the plastic containers from the other house into the drawers (1. cuttlery / knives, scissors. 2. utensils. 3. Utensils / wine & cheese. 4. plastic containers plastic wrap, baking paper, sandwhich bags etc).

On either side of the oven is four large drawers, turns out one is slightly smaller than the rest.

On top of the bench on one side of the oven i have the coffee machine, kettle and we put the toaster, Jamie, slow cooker here when we need them.

Under this is the smaller drawer i mentioned and that has Tea / Coffee cups & spare coffee, hot cholate etc. Also in this drawer is the spice Jars.

Next drawer is Breakfast cereals.

Top drawer on other side is all Herbs & Spices.

Under this drwer is plates, bowls, & saucepans.

On this side of the oven is the Thermomix and Microwave.

Top cupboards (which i cant reach have stuff that 1. i need to sort through 2. breakfast, extra cups, thermomix acessories, larger mixing bowls).

At the moment Jack has his work books abouve the cupboard in the fridge. We currently have stuff everywhere. But Jack has a few days off this week so we are planning to get some things put away.


i havent even tackled this room yet. Basically it’s getting a couple of loads of washing put on via Jack or Angel.


Well we finally got the table and chairs together. The lounge is coming together slowly. Photo of my new chair above. Once i work out how i want the living area i will be taking a lot more photos. The small study area still needs to have the desks put together.


This has my Chillie Chair & Cupboard in it. Jack brought me the Blue Ottoman from Big W, and i had this at the front door until he decided that he needed to use it as a desk. so think i will set a spot up for him to use instead with the table i have put into the stairwell nook. Not really liking the Grandmother clock here, but no idea what to do with her.



We currently just have a mattress on the floor. Jack rebuilt the expedite and that has gone in the walk-in robe. We still have so much to do.

Angel has set her room up and she has my Mums old bed that we have had and a new mattress.


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