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Month: October 2017

Time to planner

I have written many planner posts in my time and thought that I would give you an update since we are getting closer to 2018 (and one came up a […]

Set Me up Sunday

What’s the plan:  Angel finally goes back to school this week, after being off school for over 6 weeks I am beyond thrilled that she is finally going back. Jack has […]

ALP: 100 days of me 8

What are your favorite Holidays? I would have to say Christmas time is my favourite, but Halloween is a close second followed by Easter. I have always said that my Mum decorated at […]

ALP: 100 days of me 7

What are your talents? Home decor styling Taking photos Scrapbooking Memory Keeping Being a good listener  

ALP: 100 days of me 6

What do you read? I used to read a lot, these days I mostly read Facebook. Jackie Collins Virginia Andrews (some VC Andrews). Bram Stokers Dracula The Family Dracul Tara Moss books. […]

ALP: 100 days of me 5

Where did you go to school? Goodness me, this one may take a while as I don’t have my book handy. (i might have to leave this one until I can […]

ALP: 100 days of me 4

Where do you live? In September (so last month) we moved to Melbourne. I was born here and moved back as a Teenager, but spent a majority of my life […]

Write a letter to teenage you.

Write a letter to teenage you. Dear Nicole (this is what you are known as), If I could write a letter to myself at 17, I would tell you to […]

ALP: 100 days of me 3

What hobbies do you enjoy For a few years now I have been working on our family history.  Since 2005 I have been scrapbooking, but I have always had an […]

ALP: 100 days of me 2

Where were you born? Melbourne Australia. In a small town out of the city. well, it was in the 70’s.  

ALP: 100 days of me 1

Your Name Nicole M Beltane My Maiden name is Green. When I was born, Mum was going to call me Kylie, so the story goes, the Doctor at the hospital […]