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Hey there,

Long time no chat. We started off with our internet being turned off at the beginning of October. (Think its when the neighbors moved out ) After a few weeks it hadn’t been fixed, so we changed over to a new company, that took another few weeks to get installed. we have been back online for around two weeks now and I haven’t really been bothered with wanting to sit at the computer. This mac runs like a slug so I am spending less and less time at it. So I am only now just sitting down and catching up on things. Hopefully, over the next few days, i will be able to sit and update things. I have over 700 emails to read, many I am still changing over to a new email address. I also got a new phone & number so I am still in the process of changing things over for that. There may be an influx of posts just depends on how long I can sit here and put up with the slowness. Lots to update you on..

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