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One little word

This is something I have been pondering on for the past month or so. But so far no particular word has come to me as one that will stick for a year.

Below are the previous words I’ve used.

(Search one little word on here and you will find many previous posts).
  • 2017 // Believe
  • 2016 // Focus
  • 2015 // Love
  • 2014 // Journey
  • 2013 // Be
  • 2012 // Write
  • 2011 // Capture
  • 2010 // New
  • 2009 // Create

I can’t believe that this year is my 10th year / word.

In that time

  • we moved from the barn we built to a bigger country town
  • both of my parents passed away
  • we moved to Tasmania,
  • and this year we moved to Melbourne.
  • Jack changed jobs 3 times.
  • I lost weight and I gained it back tenfold.
  • Angel was in primary school and is now 16.
  • My crafting has changed to the point where I no longer do it. I’ve scrapbooked, done Project Life, taken thousands of photos.
  • Even blogging has pretty much stopped.
  • Been on a cruise.

Connection with a word

  1. I have participated in the Ali Edwards OLW a couple of times and the biggest take away I have found is you need to make your word visible. In the past I have bought signs, jewellery. I have two small rocks with believe on them. Made crafting projects, a vision Board. Anything to remind you of your word on a day to day basis.
  2. Review and revisit your word over the year. Make a note in your planner to reflect on your word and the goals of that you want to achieve with it.
  3. Photograph your word. When out and about, see if you can find your word. Eg. light or space.
  4. Live your word. Travel, explore, have great adventures.

One little word 2018So as the last few days of 2017 fade into 2018 I will write a short list and think about what I want to bring into my life or let go of for the coming year. Have you got a word yet?

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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