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Weight What…

Today I had a lightbulb moment.
Having a conversation on Facebook today, and i made the following comments * in regards to weighing in and losing weight..
* I stopped weighing myself, it became unhealthy for me to do it everyday.
I have been on many program’s (MB12, 28, Tiffxo, BOD, & more) over the past 11/12 years, and the one thing I have learnt from that is throw out the scales and use the tape measure instead.
I weigh in probably once every 6 weeks or so. its always the same amount. Where as the tape measure will show more of a change. I can tell when i have lost or gained by my watch band too.
Plus it’s ok to have a cheat day, you need to live not deprive yourself of things that you enjoy.
It’s also more than just food, its exercise, sleep, water. stress plays a factor.
This isn’t a new thing for me, it feels like it has taking up a large portion of my life.
* I was looking at FB’s on this day this morning, and 10 years ago today I weighed in at 71kgs the lowest (and i still wasn’t happy) I had been in many years, 10 years on I weigh at last weigh in probably 3 weeks ago 96kgs. 😦 so clearly what i am doing isn’t working for me at all.
I rarely eat bread these days.
My comment was observations of what i have had over the time i have tried to lose weight.
I know what i should be doing i am just to over all of the trying and failing to do it.
For me personally i became obsessed with weighing in not only daily but several times a day, i also found when being on a program i became obsessed with eating, (the experts recommend smaller meals 6 times a day).. All i was doing was thinking about food and what i was having next. not good practice at all.
I know i need to lose weight, i know how to do it, and i have tried, and i sabotage myself each time. I see family and friends on FB and around me lose weight and think why can’t i do that.
What’s stopping me.
What’s stopping me is Me!.
When I saw the 71kgs on the On this day, I must admit that i felt a tinge of Jealousy at that girl (Me 10 Yrs ago). Back then I thought that was Fat, now being the weight I am now which has gone up so much.
In regards to taking 21 days to change a habit or make a new one.

Afterwards I was sitting here just thinking about what I had written and Contemplating why I am not losing weight. (My Addiction to Natural Confectionery Snakes probably doesn’t help) I have the tools and the knowledge to change my bad habits and I have tried so many times.

I rejoined BOD, but I am finding it’s not for me. I have thought of rejoining one of the other programs but i just don’t know which one. 
At the start of the year I bought two Fossil Watches, found that they were not what i was after in terms of keeping track of things, so bought a Fitbit Ionic, I like it but then found that on April 16th Fitbit are releasing the Fitbit Versa (Which is more like the Apple Watch that I had and in the color I want) so I have ordered that and will give Jack the Ionic.
Getting up off the couch seems to be my stumbling block. I have been looking at Treadmills for months now. That’s months worth of steps that I could have taken and haven’t. HaHaHa… (Discussing things with Jack just now and he bought me a Treadmill).

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