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Over the time of this blog i have done many a monthly, weekly challenge, these are those stories pieced together to make a whole.



I have introduced myself, but not the rest of the band of misfits that live here. There is my saint of a husband Jack and our crazy non stop chatterbox Angel. In September 2012 we made the move from Western Australia to Tasmania, Prior to this we had 2 dogs and 4 cats. Because of moving we gave away three of our pets, now only have our Shitzu and two black kittens Shelby & Henry. For more on our Move to Tasmania please stop by Quirky Vintage by The Sea. As a family we have traveled to various places over the years.  Jack travels a fair bit for work so has been to various places, he also now Metal Detects so likes to travel to small towns, Occasionally Angel and i go with him.



I will add to this as time goes on, and as i remember the important bits.


  • Jack and I met {online} via a Yahoo Group in May 2000, We corresponded via email until around September when one of us plucked up the courage to call the other, and the rest as they say is history…
  • A week later on sept 11 we met, Sept 28 we moved in together.
  • December /January we went away together to a family wedding, what people didn’t know was a week later we where getting married.
  • Jack and i went on our pre-elopement honeymoon via car to South Australia | Victoria | ACT | NSW.


  • Was a busy year, i was pregnant by February,
  • Jack and i went to Donnolly Lakes in WA,
  • Jack went away for work for three months came home in October.
  • A month later angel was born,
  • next day we brought a block of land.
  • a week later we moved in with my mum, at the same time my sister and her little family moved in with mum too. was a tad chaotic.


  • We moved into an airforce house closer to Jacks work,
  • while our new house was getting built.


  • Living in the new house we had built.


  • Sold house we built,
  • Brought a block of land in the country and a house in the suburbs


  • Lived in the suburbs, close to family, with the visions of building in 5 years. 


  • Stopped working,
  • Started building the barn.
  • I went to Melbourne for a Family Reunion.


  • Moved to the country.
  • Got Zoe.


  • Moved into the Barn.
  • Jack left his train job in city, To work up north. He lost that job. Started several others.



  • Moved to Merredin.
  • Angel got Mia.
  • No holidays this year.


  • Living in Merredin.
  • Dad Passed away in may.
  • Another cruise, this time on P&O’s The Sun from Fremantle to Geraldton WA | Broome WA | Lombok Indonesia| Benoa/Bali Indonesia | Komodo Indonesia | Fremantle WA


  • Still living in Merredin.
  • Got Shelby.
  • Mum Passed away.
  • Got Henry.
  • Jack got a new job.
  • Gave Holly, kikki & Mia away.
  • This year we are going away at the end of the year to Sydney | Melbourne.  Well that was the plan, but plans are meant to be broken…
  • We have made the move from Western Australia to Tasmania, so for the forseable future we will be exploring around here.
a year of us
a year of us


  • Been here a little over 16 weeks, and love it, love that the beach is so close, love the lifestyle change we have made.
  • I turned 40.
  • Jack Turned 40.
  • Started Tassie Detecting.
  • Moved Tassie Detecting into shop in Burnie.
  • Did our first Market.
  • We went to Melbourne, went to the neighbours set, The Gold Coast – went to dreamworld and big brother


  • May – Kayla moved from Perth to Tasmania.
  • August – Moved out of shop.
  • October – Henry got hit by a car and passed away.
  • November – Jack got into UNI, Angel turned 13 & Kayla 19.
  • December we got a dog called Bella, A 11 Year old Shitzu.


  • Kayla moved out.
  • No holidays on the horizon.
  • Jack starts Uni.
  • We closed Tassie Detecting,
  • May we got two Kittens – Flynn & Mae.
  • June: Shelby went missing.
  • We spent a weekend in Hobart.
  • August our beloved Zoe Passed Away, two weeks later we also lost Flynn.
  • December we got a dog who we called Ali, and a kitten who we called Ed.


  • Jack had one of Fishes bosses over from the US, showed him around Launceston & cradle mountain.
  • Jack was off work for much of the year.
  • Angel was part of project o – they did a 24 hour colorathon, various community events
  • The closest we got to a holiday was a weekend in Hobart.


  • Angel was a part of Project O who received an Australia Day Community event of the year award.

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