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Top 5 most popular posts on my blog. An update on my popular posts.


7:5 Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway Take-away – My advice to new wordpress users.

2:3 Daily Prompt: Erasure – You have the choice to erase one incident from your past, as though it never happened. What would you erase and why? MARCH 12, 2013

27|6 Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye

A prompt about two pictures i brought many years ago.

Subiaco, Western Australia – Late 90’s had a great little indoor market, Can’t even recall the name, (the pavilion sounds familiar though)… Around the back of the market was a Picture Framer / Art seller… There where two prints that always caught my eye. (see above photos). Everytime without fail when i went there, and walked past them, i would say to my friend, one day i will buy those. I don’t know what it was i was just really drawn to the style and innocence of the prints.

Fast forward to 2004, by this time i was married, had a child and we just sold the first house we built, Jack promised me that i could buy something that i had wanted for a long time, and i knew without a doubt that these pictures where what i wanted. “The Ladies”as i call them where brought and in most houses that we have lived in since, they have taken up residence in our bedroom, keeping a watch over me, and looking out for me like guardian angels.

The one on the wall above is currently in the lounge room of the current house we are in. Unfortunately they where in the Garage after our move here, and the glass got broken, the other one is in the laundry at the moment, as about a month ago we put them both on the lounge room wall and it was too heavy and actually fell on my head a few hours after being put up. i think this is actually the first time “they” have been separated.

I did have the painters name, but can’t for the life of me figure it out, even after looking again on the prints.

July Daily Prompt: Great or Greatest?

A prompt about what blogs i like. Do you have a blog that encompasses any of the above that you think i would like to read, add it too the comments.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Resolved – Resolved. This is that time of year, isn’t it? Full of resolutions and good intentions. I resolved to get in a run on January 1st – this is a photo post-run. Spoiler: it was a good one! Why not share a photo which represents one of your New Year’s resolutions? If you don’t make them, what about sharing a photo which represents something you’d like to get better at in photography this year? Share a picture which means RESOLVED to you! JANUARY 5, 2013

My one little word for 2013 is Be. already this week i have captured two photos for my word.

Sometimes its not the song that makes you emotional its the people and things that come into your mind when you hear it.  

I did a post a day in November 2013 inspired by song lyrics. – Lemon Drops, Springsteen, Letter to meStill got a long way to goBusy Being FabulousI knew i loved you, Go Getem Girl, Angel in my room, Angel, This, Barefoot Blue Jean NightEmotional GirlFamily FeudWhen i get where i’m goingAccidentally Kelly StreetDifferent WorldThis is country MusicDon’t forget to remember meWhat a beautiful dayStrongerLive like you where dyingLove Letters In The SandDeep WaterLooking forward looking backStuck like glueThats what you call a friend.

Leave a comment and a link to you’re blog and let me know what you’re advice to a new blogger is.
*First Pic Via Ali Edwards All others taken by me. Song Pic via Facebook

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