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52 Ancestors

Week 15: Taxes It’s that time of year here in the U.S. — tax season. There are many ways you could approach this theme: An ancestor you discovered using tax […]

52 Ancestors

Week 14: Maiden Aunt Ok, before anyone says anything else about aunts not being ancestors… I agree. Technically, “ancestors” are those we descend from. Everyone else is technically a collateral […]


It has come to my attention that many people are joining / subscribing with email address, I will be going through and deleting anyone with this address.

Weight What…

Today I had a lightbulb moment. Having a conversation on Facebook today, and i made the following comments * in regards to weighing in and losing weight.. * I stopped […]


Making // A photo album, just waiting to get a white pen. Achieving // working on lots of Family History stuff. Went to a couple of Cemetery’s, that helped with […]

52 Ancestors

Week 13: The Old Homestead There’s something about seeing where your ancestors lived — or revisiting where you once lived. My dad once took me to where his maternal grandparents […]

45 Things

Today I turn 45.. (Why do i always type 42 instead?)… Sheesh how did that happen. I was a teenager, then all of a sudden I blink and I’m 45 […]

52 Ancestors

Week 12: Misfortune There is a growing body of study showing that the more that children know about their family’s history, the more resilient they are. This is especially true […]

52 Ancestors

Week 11: Lucky Do you have an ancestor who was lucky at something? Lucky to be alive? Lucky at cards? Lucky in love? Maybe you have an ancestor with a […]

52 Ancestors

Week 10: Strong Woman March is Women’s History Month, so what better way to start than with the prompt of “Strong Woman.” What female in your family tree has shown […]

Making memories of us

Do this. Do this a lot.. Make memories… Make Moments… Capture time.   Step 1. Take the photo. Some ideas are. 52 weeks of Family photos – This year we […]

Stepping Up

Photo Jack Beltane.. After reading the post about The Girl Who Fat Shamed me late last night, (and yes it still hurts) and having very little sleep (it’s been like […]

Coffee & Chat Tuesday

If we were having a coffee together last week I would tell you that we have been sorting the house out again, moving the lounge area back to where we had […]


Fun stuff we did // Weekly family Photos. Jack and Angel went to the Football. Chinese New year and they Met Solo Sailor Jessica Watson. I went to Kmart.. yes my […]

52 Ancestors

Week 9: Where There’s a Will I’ve been asked if this theme means a will (as in the probate document) or will (as in being determined or strong minded). My […]

Set Me up Sunday

Menu Plan No menu plan, its one of those just take it out of the freezer weeks. Agenda Jack Graduates this week He also starts back at Uni. Angel may […]

Memory Jar

A couple of years ago I started doing the memory jar thing (this blog even had the memory jar name for a while). I brought this large Jar in Kmart […]