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Category: family history

Keeping Memories & Hidden Gem’s

I have just been a reading Facebook post in regards to discarding old Diaries and the consequences of a Family member / Your Children finding them. Now i understand that […]

Culling… Tree’s

Is culling my family…. Tree. I have too many mistakes in my ancestry account. May need to restart. Plus its frustrating when things don’t match up. Has nothing to do with […]

Passing the history on

Taken by Nicole Beltane We all come from somewhere, and future generations deserve to know where that somewhere is from.  Just reading an Article that came up on Facebook, about […]

All about those Books

Yesterday was all about books. We ordered the following between Jack & I. Our Life Story: Is for Jack & I to share. I have been working on a scrapbook […]

Evergreen, The Story of a Family

I ordered this yesterday. Amazed at how quickly it arrived. Something i have wanted for a very long time. It maybe 32 years old, but it still means as much […]

Getting things ordered…

I would have to say February Family History month has been quite successful, and i have achieved quite a lot of things that have been on my to do list. […]

The things we leave behind

In my previous post i mentioned the Adam Brand song the Hearts we leave behind. This post is in the same vein as that. I know thinking and talking about […]