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prompts from The girl who loved to write

Write a letter to teenage you.

Write a letter to teenage you. Dear Nicole (this is what you are known as), If I could write a letter to myself at 17, I would tell you to […]

When you love someone

  Someone you love I really do think I dreamed him into life. Growing up I never thought that I would or could ever find the love that I have […]

Your dream job.

Your dream job. Growing up I always wanted to be an Architect or a Vet, neither happened, I fell into working in the Hospitality sector, which then led me into […]

Pros and cons of your job.

Pros and cons of your job. I don’t have a paying job, but I do spend a lot of time blogging. PROS I get to set my own hours I […]

Stories of Me

Write an “About Me” about yourself. Over my blogging years I have written many an “about me”, in a way most of this blog is “stories of me” I wrote […]

Life Goals

5 big goals you have for your life. To build our own house again If you are friends with me on Pinterest you will no doubt know I have an obsession […]

Small things that make you happy.

  Coffee // Coffee dates Walks on the beach Binge watching Netflix // Movies Going to Kmart // Shopping Project Life // Taking photos // Art Journaling // Brush Lettering Via […]


The last time you celebrated something. On Sunday it was my 44th Birthday This coming Sunday is Jack’s 44th Birthday. We call the week in between Birthday week. He always tells me […]


A list of things you’re thankful for. Thankful for my amazing husband & Wonderful daughter & for all of the birthday wishes that I received. So thankful for the wonderful […]