Project Life

week 2 52 family Photos - angel and I and our cat ed. lots of photos of angel. jack and our peters or Kensington delivery. me Jack got into vic uni one day it was 40 odd degrees another it poured. jack and angel on the wii

52 Ancestors

Week 2 Favourite Photo As we prepare to celebrate our 17th Wedding Anniversary on January 15 2018. I couldn't not choose this photo as my favourite.


Set me up Sunday

Another week has flown by, at this rate we will be at Christmas again in no time. Zone Cleaning / Menu Plan  I brought this Big Happy Planner on special not knowing how big it was or what I would use it for. I started adding in our menu and zones and because it's so ...


Back on Board

I have been using my phone for the past few months to do anything as I couldn't sit at the Mac, So Jack's bought me a cheap laptop (yes laptop not MacBook :(). So hopefully I will be posting a lot more, now I have finally got things up and running. Mind you it's a ...

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

This came up on my Facebook the other day and I couldn't not have a look. I did a similar one in 2017 of 52 family stories. Start I keep most of my details in my My Life Story Book by SUCK UK. Details My life story - mine My life story - Jack My ...

Set me up Sunday

First Sunday of the year. Meal plan We have ordered a few new kitchen products in the Boxing Day sales - KitchenAid slow cooker, multi cooker, and some new Attachments for the KitchenAid stand mixer. So these will feature heavily in the coming months in terms of our meal planning. Monday - meatballs Tuesday - ...

Project Life

So I managed to get a week done. Yay me.

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