Family History //


With the help of Konmari & Becky Higgings #ProjectPhotoRescue, and various other online organising methods i have come across, i have started to get my sentimental & family history into some kind of order.

This is an ongoing project 

  • Researching both my Parents Family History’s. – Ongoing
  • Buying the Family History book that my Great Uncle wrote. – Done @ 25th February 2016 
  • Creating a book of my thoughts for my daughter. – Done @ 25th February 2016 
  • Working on Mine and Jack’s history. – Book ordered, and ongoing. 
  • Creating Memory Albums for Angel. – Ongoing
  • Reorganising all of her school photos & Memorabilia in order. Ongoing
  • A Journal for my daughter to ask me questions. Ongoing
  • Re-organising  the Project Life / Scrapbooking albums. Started & Ongoing
  • Any photos that haven’t been dealt with. 
  • Sorting through old family photos that have been scanned and buried on my computers and external hard drives. This is going to be a huge job, that i am now thinking would be great to work into a book. 
  • Collating a book of old family photos. 
  • Checking that I have dates and the correct information to go with the photos. 
  • A family recipe book. – Ordered
  • A travel journal. – Ordered
  • Re-covering my older Scrapbooking Albums so they all have uniformity. One done, and 6+ to go. 


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