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The Barn

The downstairs of the barn is based on a transportable as well, but I made several changes so I guess you could say I designed it myself, and having the […]

The Barn

well below is some photo’s that jack took of the barn. its far from finished but at least the cladding is up. there are still 3 windows to go on […]

The Barn – 4

looking directly acroos in order – dinning room, kitchen, laundry. toilet, bathroom, bedroom 1, lounge, sitting room looking into angels room lounge, bedroom 1 scraproom, angels room, lounge, sitting room, […]

The Barn – 2

the front looking from the driveway. window closest to the driveway is angels room, next to that another window is to be put in for the lounge the front looking […]

The Barn – 1

front balcony the back (3 more windows are to go in) the back door the front verander the back

advice please

Can anyone tell me the website where you find out if a company / business has complaints against them? We are getting the barn built and he verbally told us […]

BARN UPDATE & some news…

i have spoken with jack, he said that the front door is on and some of the windows and some of the back.. i got really annoyed because he said […]


Jacks just called and today the walls / roof’s of the lean too’s where put up. still no windows in there yet. they are going so slow.. at 800.00 a […]

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under the cleaning tips are more photo’s and info on the house.nicole

Saturday 14 October

The cladding was finally started. 6 hours to put 14 sheets up!!! I’m very disappointed as they left at lunch time, and to me the house should have been fully […]