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Dear Nan,

I have posted this in years past. 11 years ago today our beloved grandmother passed away. These random thoughts over the years have fallen on to the page. it may […]

Coffee & Chat Tuesday

If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that i am back doing round 4 of 28 by Sam Wood as of yesterday. I didn’t think it was working […]

Day in the Life July 2016

Day in the life Yesterday was ‪#‎Dayinthelife‬. Jack and Angel were not at home so i changed it to today. I still have another few photos to take. I used […]

Coffee & Chat Tuesday

If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that, It has been a long time between drinks (or coffees & chats). Whats been happening. Not a great […]

Latest Kmart Haul

  *as found on Facebook a few months ago i put on a very large lay-by, i picked it up and promptly put on another one, i will be picking […]

Time to plan-er

The planner from arrived today. Couple of things missing (dinner / to do sections) is blank, pretty sure that i had added that in. Thought i had added 2017 / […]

Project Life – Update

So how did we get to July… wasn’t it just February.. Speaking of, thats the last time i printed any photo books. (January & February) It’s now July. yeah i […]

one day i will find planner peace

until then.. i will keep shopping.. I have brought one of these planners before, wasn’t happy with it, so i gave it to Angel to use (She was on the […]

Goodbye Bella

Jack has just come in and told me that our (Angel’s) dog Bella has passed away. She was 12/13 years old, we got her in December 2014. She has always […]

Saturday Stuff

  It has been a pretty quiet week around here, so not a great deal to report.     Haven’t been anywhere this week, and generally faffed around online, but […]

Coffee & Chat Tuesday

If we where having coffee right now …  I would tell you that Angel got a Certificate & Medal for her Gymnastics on the weekend. Very proud of her achievements, […]

Saturday Stuff

A bit of a family update / catch up. Angel is away this weekend in Hobart, She has a Gymnastics Competition. She told me the this is her don’t forget […]

A spot of shopping.

Well with no car and a limited amount of shopping opportunities here, i did a spot of online shopping over the past 24 hours. I was planning on buying an […]

Coffee & Chat Tuesday

If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that It was a long weekend here. Didn’t really do a great deal. apart from binge watch Home decorating / […]

Saturday Stuff…

Ok seriously, slow down week. [CAUGHT MY EYE] Haven’t really been anywhere to have anything catch my eye this week, unless you count the many instagram & facebook pages i […]


My DIY Canvas i did on Sunday Afternoon, tuned out great. I want to age it up a little with sandpaper but other than that it’s done Hello Friday, Well […]

Coffee & chat Tuesday

If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that We have had a huge few days. We have had severe storms that have flooded a big percentage of […]

Stuff I Love Saturday

[STUFF]  Can’t keep up with Angel at the moment, this is just this week. Project O – dinner on monday. Gymnastics – Monday (she couldn’t go, Tuesday has been changed […]


Even with you laying beside me I’m alone . My heart feels like it is shattered into a million pieces, My mind has a million thoughts, Alone with my own memories. There isn’t something […]


[Currently in May] A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.   [Achieved] Sorting […]

Coffee & Chat Tuesday

I can not believe that it will be June tomorrow. The year is flying by way too fast. I feel like i have 5 million things to do before tomorrow. (that […]

Guest Post: Part 2: Angel Beltane

I published Angel’s Guest post about Colourathon last week, and her thoughts on the 24hours. She is off to another event tonight, i tell you she has a better social life than […]

Stuff i Love Saturday

Goodness me what a week, [STUFF]  Angel had colourthon last weekend, and work inspirations / breakfast club / gymnastics / maths tutoring throughout the week. For Jack it was a […]

Little Changes.

This wasn’t written by me, but i came across it online in a group a few days ago, and just had to save it somewhere. [Little Changes]… “Push yourself to […]

Listen to the music.

Gahhhh when you know a post like this is coming up and you have nothing.. Compile a playlist of 10 tracks that represent you. It has been sometime since i […]

House tour 

May 2016. Yes another rent inspection. I missed taking photos last one. So here’s an updated tour. Lots of Kmart as you can see :). Found couple of boxes of […]

Coffee & Chat Tuesday

  This is two posts in one. (a prompt and a regular post) If we where having coffee right now… I would tell you that as you can see from […]

For “Arts” Sake

How do i critique this piece of “Art”, without falling about with laughter. It was so funny taking these photos with Jack at the Michelangelo exhibition. This reminds me of the […]


We spent some time at Colourathon Last Night and again today. What a vibrant and eclectic event. A fantastic effort from all of the girls. Lots of teenage chatter which […]

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