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Hi, I am still here

I know i have been quite of late, i have been updating the new Blog, and realised that i have been neglecting this one. Family: Not a lot happening in the Beltane House. Jack’s just returned from a few days away, Angel’s back at school after the school holidays and back into her normal routines. ...

CRAFT: Project Life

I had a comment this morning in regards to Project Life. 'I was thinking of getting into Project Life what are your thoughts is it expensive and addictive?’ Thank you Jackie for asking the question, The best place to find out anything Project Life is via the Becky Higgins Website. I started by buying a ...

I got old,

I got Old. When did that happen. When did i lose sight of all of the dreams that i wanted to achieve. I got Old. I look in the mirror and don’t know who i am anymore. I got Old. I fell in love, I became the other half of a pair. I got Old. ...

Hello March

I spent much of January working on Capture 30. I spent much of February wondering what to do next. Not being able to find anything to work on. Hello March and Bam i am overloaded with so many things now that Big Picture Classes has re-vamped their website. For me March is my favourite month ...

PHOTOS: Getting organised

we picked up the new cupboard last night. Isn’t it sweet. so many storage options. Originally i was going to us it for mostly scrapbooking stuff, but its a lot narrower and smaller than i recall, so i am using it for photos. This was the original plan, i haven’t deviated too much from this, ...


Update on UFO’s

So after working on various projects over the past few days i have managed to put a HUGE dent into my unfinished projects.  LIST OF CURRENT PROJECTS Project Life  Completed - Week 1-17. Started - Week 18-22.  52 weeks of Art Journalling  Completed - Week 1-16, 18. Started - Week 17, 19-22.  One Little Word  ...

Hello Saturday!

Happy #NSD10k Is anyone doing the 52 weeks of Art Journalling from A Beautiful Mess? I looked at it at the start of the year and thought it looked good, but then forgot about it, have come across it again, and thinking it might be a good thing to work on today.. yes as well ...

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