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Coffee & Chat Tuesday

I have been very slack in the blogging department lately. so this is pretty much a catch up on the past few weeks... If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that... When we had the hire car last week we went to Stanley, it had been a few months since we ...

Keeping Memories & Hidden Gem’s

I have just been a reading Facebook post in regards to discarding old Diaries and the consequences of a Family member / Your Children finding them. Now i understand that many girls start writing more personal in-depth diaries / journals at a young age and they continue this for many years. (insert then becoming a ...

Evergreen, The Story of a Family

I ordered this yesterday. Amazed at how quickly it arrived. Something i have wanted for a very long time. It maybe 32 years old, but it still means as much if not more than it did back then to have this in our book collection. Lots of Birth's Deaths & Marriage leaves to be added ...

Hi, I am still here

I know i have been quite of late, i have been updating the new Blog, and realised that i have been neglecting this one. Family: Not a lot happening in the Beltane House. Jack’s just returned from a few days away, Angel’s back at school after the school holidays and back into her normal routines. ...

PHOTOS: Getting organised

we picked up the new cupboard last night. Isn’t it sweet. so many storage options. Originally i was going to us it for mostly scrapbooking stuff, but its a lot narrower and smaller than i recall, so i am using it for photos. This was the original plan, i haven’t deviated too much from this, ...

our Year in Review

Family History

Sometimes it’s the little details that have us hitting a brick wall. I have enquired with various family members about obtaining a copy of Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Certificates. From one i have been given a big fat NO.. and they even had the gall to say that i have no right to them… I ...

Once Upon A Lifetime: Grafting Branches On A Family Tree

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