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Tag: family

Keeping Memories & Hidden Gem’s

I have just been a reading Facebook post in regards to discarding old Diaries and the consequences of a Family member / Your Children finding them. Now i understand that […]

Evergreen, The Story of a Family

I ordered this yesterday. Amazed at how quickly it arrived. Something i have wanted for a very long time. It maybe 32 years old, but it still means as much […]

Hi, I am still here

I know i have been quite of late, i have been updating the new Blog, and realised that i have been neglecting this one. Family: Not a lot happening in […]

PHOTOS: Getting organised

we picked up the new cupboard last night. Isn’t it sweet. so many storage options. Originally i was going to us it for mostly scrapbooking stuff, but its a lot […]

Family History

Sometimes it’s the little details that have us hitting a brick wall. I have enquired with various family members about obtaining a copy of Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Certificates. From […]

Yahoo Groups —> TimeHop

So it turns out that 14 years ago today i sent an email to a guy on a yahoo group (thats about 100 years ago in Technology land)… and he […]

photos – trip-to-the-museum

Click on the links to see the various photo’s i am just looking for another place to upload multiple photo’s as fotki is too slow. nicole