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Week 9

I am missing a couple of photos from this week as it is when i lost all the stuff on my laptop.

PL Week 8

16: From Where i Stand. Jack was out working on the Gypsy Wagon / Gypsy Bohemian Beach Cottage so i decorated the concrete in glitter as you do.. 17: Routine: My […]

Pl Week 7

9. Energy. This is shelby in her i have a stack of energy phase.. or not… 10: This Inspires me. This girl is my inspiration. 11. on the wall . I love […]

PL Week 6

2. mail: I love Happy Mail from Studio Calico. 3. water: I love living so close to the ocean 4. Reward. We had our went inspection today, and my kikki k order […]

PL Week 5

26: Three Things. Saw these horses and carriages go past on the way to the local Australia Day celebrations 27: Morning. The sun shining on the flowers out the back. 28: Strange […]

PL Week 4

19: Handmade. I made bread sticks today. 20: window. i took this out of the small window in the lounge. 21: in a row. just a few of the albums […]

PL Week 3

12: Bright. Took a walk along the wharf yesterday, and captured the sun streaming through the trees. 13: lucky number. One is the loneliest number they say, but its also […]

PL Wk2

5: Square. The best thing that i did before leaving WA a few years ago was buy this Expedite Cube from Ikea. It has been invaluable for my craft and […]

PL Week 1

I have embarked on another year of project life, i have set this blog up for the purpose of me being able to locate the photos that i have used […]


view full image “#somethingyellow #newbowls #fmsphotoaday #fatmumslimphotoaday @fatmumslim ” Now everyone knows that white is my thing. this year i thought of mixing it up a little and adding some […]


view full image “#earthquake #wynyard #fmsphotoaday #fatmumslimphotoaday @fatmumslim @jackbeltane #circle day 13” (taken at Wynyard)  


view full image “Surprise #fmsphotoaday #fatmumslimphotoaday @fatmumslim ” Our cat henry wasnt too impressed when i woke him up.


view full image   “#fatmumslimphotoaday #fmsphotoaday @fatmumslim #water”


fms10jan view full image “@bjandmel @fatmumslim #fatmumslimphotoaday #fmsphotoaday day ten. #oneo’clock #sister #phone” Thanks, The Instagram Team


view full image “#Phonto #fmsphotoaday #fatmumslimphotoaday @fatmumslim I took this photo late yesterday afternoon we went up to the lookout in Burnie to see if we could see a cruise ship […]