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Tag: food

Food: Go to Chicken Pasta

I was stuck for something to cook a few months ago due to not being on the Michelle bridges programme and i found a recipe either from 4 ingredients or […]

Nicole’s new to go Pasta Sauce,

You know when it gets to that time in the day and your feeling a little peckish, and rummage through the pantries and fridges and find zip, and then look […]

Chicken Korma & Barley Rice

Tonights meal is made using a variant of left-overs that have to be used up. I am using the Thermowhizz to cook the Korma in, and cooking the rice in […]

Monday Meal Plan: June 2-16

It has been sometime since i did a Menu Plan, but with the inspection coming up this week, i want to be as organised as possible. Broccoli and Pumpkin Pasta […]