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Hi, I am still here

I know i have been quite of late, i have been updating the new Blog, and realised that i have been neglecting this one. Family: Not a lot happening in the Beltane House. Jack’s just returned from a few days away, Angel’s back at school after the school holidays and back into her normal routines. ...

Food: Go to Chicken Pasta

I was stuck for something to cook a few months ago due to not being on the Michelle bridges programme and i found a recipe either from 4 ingredients or taste, it could have even been from pinterest i am not sure. But it went down so well for the three of us that it ...

Food: Hanging out in the kitchen,

For me cooking has always been a passion, and i do enjoy it but like with a lot of things so far this year i have let it become one of those things that just seems like a huge chore. What we have cooked lately we have enjoyed though.. Flan Now this was really lovely, ...

Nicole’s new to go Pasta Sauce,

You know when it gets to that time in the day and your feeling a little peckish, and rummage through the pantries and fridges and find zip, and then look again find an unopened packet of pasta and the realise that you have nothing to put on top of it, yep that time.. So pasta ...


Chicken Korma & Barley Rice

Tonights meal is made using a variant of left-overs that have to be used up. I am using the Thermowhizz to cook the Korma in, and cooking the rice in the Bellini.


Monday Meal Plan: June 2-16

It has been sometime since i did a Menu Plan, but with the inspection coming up this week, i want to be as organised as possible. Broccoli and Pumpkin Pasta Take Away Lamb Cauliflower and Coconut Curry Burritos Chicken & Potato Patties. Dutch Sausages. Bacon and egg pie Spag Bol

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