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This weeks update

As requested by Joyce here is an update. going back through this weeks emails to work out what i have done.MONDAY - Jack dyed his hair blonde on sunday night (and i mean really blonde) jack worked… I cleaned the barn… Angel went to school. i put curtain up in the dinning room, and up ...



apologies to regular readers but due to the hacking i am making some changes to the comments section on this blog...    


Listen Here whoever you are

stop hacking into my blog.. this is my own personal space. and you are not welcome here..   *** for the past two days i have had someone hack into my account and post a hello message as me.. i want this to stop.. i worked really hard to get this blog the way i ...


Fw: Horoscope Alert: My Horoscopes

my stars for today----- Original Message ----- From: Yahoo! Alerts - Daily Horoscope by Astrology.com Friday May 18, 2007 - Aries - It's easy to start judging yourself by the world's standards, but it's ultimately unsatisfying -- like eating a whole bunch of cookies and then wondering why your body feels so lousy. Set your ...



i used my pda each night so it wouldnt take me forever to do my blog. I TOOK WAY MANY photo's i will upload them to photobucket or fotki.DAY 1 - Friday 27th October 2006 -Plane trip was fine. Melissa coped really well. There was a bit of tubulance, but the majority of the flight ...


not long to go now & other stuff

MELBOURNE - its now wednesday, and i leave for melborne on friday... cant wait. i just found out that this is on MELBOURNE PAPERIFIC - OCT 27, 28, 29 - TELSTRA DOME HOUSE - we brought some extra windows for the bathrooms, and also a french door for the scrapping room. OTHER STUFF - this ...


no news is good news isnt that what they say

Well its almost 12.pm on the 17th of October, i havent heard from anyone at all so i am taking it that all is well in my world... well almost all. my email is playing up - I don’t know how I did it, but I have lost the last two weeks of emails. I ...

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