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Capture 30 2016 Day 1

Worked on Capture 30 over the past couple of days, will add some of what i have done here to refer back to at a latter stage (i DID take much of what i wrote last year and recycle it, as i was at a loss as to what to write, after reading through it ...

Pl Week 7

9. Energy. This is shelby in her i have a stack of energy phase.. or not… 10: This Inspires me. This girl is my inspiration. 11. on the wall . I love creating gallery walls, with fun objects. 12. pointy. Loving this arrow. 13. temptation. My new cabinet. 14. LOVE. One of the things i have brought recently is this ...

Ready Set Go | Planner Love

January 24 | Ready, set, go | Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish. Planner Love I can’t get over how much fun i am having working on my Heidi Swap / Capture 30 Planner. I have been playing with ...

Capture 30 Update

It’s been some weeks since i did anything Capture 30 related here, so a quick update. I finally removed the plastic cover, yes i am worried about it getting dirty and i will share in the next post on what i am using to store it in. But look how pretty it is. Since this ...

OMG i uncoiled my EC

Whilst watching OrganisedJen’s latest youtube this morning about her two planners i was sitting looking at my EC (Erin Condren), and it hit me that i should uncoil it and stick it into my gold Kikki K... There is no uncoiling video or photos as it really was a spur of the moment thing. I ...

PL Week 1

I have embarked on another year of project life, i have set this blog up for the purpose of me being able to locate the photos that i have used for each week. 1: Sky: The fireworks in Burnie. 2: Something Yellow: Originally i had gathered together some of the yellow items on my desk ...

PLANNING: Time to Planner – A New Year,

Last year i did a very big planner post. I ended up after all that choosing a planner that wasn't even on the list. Over the years i have had MANY diaries and planners and there have been some that i have loved, You can read more about that in the time to planner link i ...

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