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Blogging Everyday in May – Day 31

Day 31, Saturday: Gratitude. I am grateful for Amazing moments, Good movies, Friends who get me, Family who love me despite the fact that i am all kinds of crazy, Good Healthy Food,  Where i live, The beach, , Hot coffee, Great TV Shows that make me Laugh out Loud, and most of all Cold winter nights ...


Blog Everyday in May – Day 30

Day 30, Friday: Best advice you’ve received lately. I can't really recall that i have had any advice lately. i tend to keep to myself and do my own thing. So perhaps i should take my own advice and live a little.


Blog Everyday in May – Day 29

Day 29, Thursday: What have you said ‘yes’ to today?   Usually i say YES to most things, which i feel at times can be a real problem. I tend to take too many extra things on when i really don't have the time to do them in the first place. My list earlier in the ...


Blog Everyday in May – Day 28

  Day 28, Wednesday: Family.  What do you love?  Best traits? What crazy genetics do you have in common?  Fave photo?   Family.   What do you love?   I love how crazy we are. I love that they agree to my insane ideas such as a family photo each month. I love that we are ...


Blog Everyday in May – Day 27

  Day 27, Tuesday: Share a project you’ve been working on.   This morning i have sat down to go through what unfinished projects i  have that i want to finish over the next couple of days. I am astounded that i have so many things on the go, especially since i started the month not ...


Blog Everyday in May – Day 26

  Day 26, Monday: Invite someone to guest post for you. I have tried the guest posting thing in the past and it just doesn't work for me.


Blog Everyday in May – Day 25

  Blog Everyday in May – Day 25, Sunday: A list for the week ahead. Whilst i am not 100% Sure of the days ahead i do know that i have the following posts and photos to take. I also have to spend sometime catching up on this Months FMS Photo a Day, #52weeksofartjournalling, #100happydays, #onelittleword, I need to sort out ...

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