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KonMari and digital media

CDs DVDs games I set down last night and started going through my DVD collection CDs and WII games To be sorted Discard and maybe Keep I do you have to sort through the small well relatively small pile of loose CDs that I mainly family photos and videos so they can really go in ...

Bag Lady

Bags done. I have gathered a lot of this from a Facebook post / comments, so if you are on my friends list there is a good chance that you have already read it. As part of KonMari and clearing out what no longer brings JOY I have been procrastinating over this one task. You ...

Blog Everyday in May Day 21

Day 21 What’s on your plate? Since starting the KonMari Method, it seems to be all i can think about. I just want to get the house sorted out and make it into a space that we can be happy in and that sparks joy. It just seems to be a never ending cycle of ...

It’s all about the Books

For years our house has been surrounded with Books, in crannies, corners and nooks. Recipe / Cook Books that i haven't looked at in years, Old diaries & Note Books no longer relevant to my life, Books that we have been given, Novels that i have already read, Study Books, Memorabilia & Photo Albums. They have brought comfort in there pages, ...

Once Upon A Lifetime: Grafting Branches On A Family Tree

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