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Weight What!

Michelle Bridges was on Ausralian Story of Monday night and one of the comments made was “never met a morbidly obese person who is happy”. This is most likely the truth, in her many years of being a Personal Trainer and being involved in the fitness industry, she would have come across a lot of people ...

The Weighty Issue

"I have been thinking lately about going back on the Michelle Bridges 12WBT Programme, This would be the 6th time i would have tried to lose the weight. Currently i am at my heaviest i have ever been, and i have noticed that my asthma has returned and i a finding breathing difficult, walking and ...

My Commitment:

I have been down this path many times, i have said the same thing over and over, on this path of weight-loss. I always end up tripping over a rock and giving up. I am hoping that this time i can get further than i have before, and kick those rocks out of the way and get ...

Planner Storage

Whilst doing a quick grocery shop at the end of last week, i spotted this Michelle Bridges Lunch Bag for $18.00. It is Insulated and has a drink bottle mesh holder in it. It does zip up… Well me being me, thought hmmm after looking for over a year for something that couple hold my ...

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