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Tag: On the Home Front

OMG i uncoiled my EC

Whilst watching OrganisedJen’s latest youtube this morning about her two planners i was sitting looking at my EC (Erin Condren), and it hit me that i should uncoil it and […]

FOOD: Tomato Relish

  I started using *Bellini (more on that below) and ended up using Thermowhizz). *Bellini: Time 10 Minutes | Speed 1 | Steam 100. I then pulsed it once and […]

On the Agenda // September 2014

Seriously September…. No way!!! how did that happen. It looks like a really Busy month. One Little Word, 30 Days of Me Challenge, MB12WBT, Anniversary: 2 years in Tasmania, Anniversary: Jack and i […]

FMS August 2014

What an amazing month of Memories, from the Snow & cold winter nights without power, To the Beach & the Sunny Days, Eating well, Getting Fit and Meditating. Market Days, […]

Happiness Is….

… Happiness Is … With so much sadness this week with the Passing of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, and today being the Anniversary of my Grandmothers Death, i have […]

todays todo list….

The girls are off to the shops in Burnie this morning & Jacks at work after having a week off with the Flu (and he starts Holidays tomorrow for two […]

Living in Style..

Just lately (i.e.: last week) after a little trip to Kmart where i found the most adorable range of home decor items i have seen in a while i have […]

Perfectly Pinned

With my recent computer trouble and trying to work out why my computer was so full it occurred to me it was because i was constantly saving pictures to it. […]


F A M I L Y Rocking those selphies girl! M E | So its been a few weeks since i posted here. I have had computer problems i.e.: The […]

Kitchen Organisation

Expedite, Kallax, Shelving Units, Cube Shelves. Whatever you choose to call them or wherever you get them from they are one of the best things invented. Here are the space […]

Organisation: Kitchen

In the Kitchen Over the next few days i am getting into cleaning the kitchen mode. My main annoyance lately is the cookbooks are in the Dinning Room, and it […]