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One little word

I know I know I have done so many posts already on this subject but created these in the Project Life app. When I print it I will do so with the previous post.

One little word

After last nights post I pondered more on the three words that I came up with. In a way they all interconnect. My main word will be embrace. Embrace joy Embrace the world around me, explore it. Embrace my smile Embrace my health Embrace my face. Start taking care of myself. Embrace my story Embrace ...


One little word

Nothing has jumped out at me this time around and I have been thinking about it for weeks These are my previous words. Now to think about 2018’s One Little Word. Joy, embrace, explore. We moved states in 2017 back to Melbourne where I was born. But haven’t lived in over 30 years so want ...


One little word

This is something I have been pondering on for the past month or so. But so far no particular word has come to me as one that will stick for a year. Below are the previous words I've used. (Search one little word on here and you will find many previous posts). 2017 // Believe ...


One little word 2018

My word for 2017 has been Believe. For the second year in a row it’s a word I haven’t connected with. To the point where I had to come on here to recall what word I had chosen. Its been a bit of an upside down year for us. This time last year we were ...


One Little Word 2016

So hard to believe that i started this one word for the year so many years ago.  Here are the words that i have used ... 2016 // Focus  This has been coming up over the past few weeks, i look forward to exploring this word over the coming year. I want to spend time ...

One Little Word – Making a connection

Apart from the Project Life Layout that i did, i have managed to spot my word LOVE in various parts of the house. In my room i have some LOVE Blocks i brought in Kmart. In the Kitchen a Wooden LOVE word. I am sure that if i look hard enough i will come up with many ...

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