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PHOTOS: Getting organised

we picked up the new cupboard last night. Isn’t it sweet. so many storage options. Originally i was going to us it for mostly scrapbooking stuff, but its a lot narrower and smaller than i recall, so i am using it for photos. This was the original plan, i haven’t deviated too much from this, ...

Kitchen Wars

In recent days on a couple of Facebook groups I am on there has been a war of words in regards to the Thermomix v’s the Bellini and any other version of a Thermomixer. There appears to be this great divide between those that can afford an almost $2000 machine v’s those that buy the ...

Kitchen Organisation

Expedite, Kallax, Shelving Units, Cube Shelves. Whatever you choose to call them or wherever you get them from they are one of the best things invented. Here are the space in our home i use them in: In the Kitchen: A few days ago i shared this picture from Pinterest and mentioned about all of ...


Organisation: Kitchen

In the Kitchen Over the next few days i am getting into cleaning the kitchen mode. My main annoyance lately is the cookbooks are in the Dinning Room, and it makes the shelving in there look messy, Also over the past two years i have been collecting assorted sized Jars for the Pantry items and where ...

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